faq tatouage temporaire

What are the deadlines?

As soon as we have confirmation of your payment we ship your package the next business day.
The average time for shipping generally recognized in France via the Post vary from 24h to 72h.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping and packaging for France amounted to 5.9 € per order regardless of item number and weight.
Shipping and packaging are offered for all orders, the amount is more than 45 €. Enjoy it!
For overseas orders the charges vary from country to country and are calculated during the order.

A change of mind?

In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your order, nothing to worry about!
Simply return your unused items, unopened, up to seven days after receipt and we will refund your order.
Order in peace!.

There are safe for the skin?

Absolutely not, the inks of our temporary tattoos do not contain henna ..
Our temporary tattoos inks comply with the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC , its amendments , with EN71 3 and declared non-irritating .
This is an ink with a cosmetic grade is the same as the female makeup .
The French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS ) recalled the danger of some temporary tattoos. Those based Henna in which were added black dyes can cause serious side effects , says the Assaps . The Agency strongly discourages the implementation of these tattoos, and indicates that the number of cases of eczema reported increased from 17 in 2007 to 32 in 2008. This was mainly girls aged 17 on average. Reactions , limited to the tattooed area or larger , can be violent , prevents Assaps .
Source: The World 2009

The ink sold on TatooShop.fr is not henna , it is manufactured in France and meets the standards EN71 3 guaranteed hypoallergenic.

Instructions temporary tattoos

The tattoo is water resistant and takes a few days on the skin. The ink has been tested in accordance with non-irritating cosmetic Act 71-3 , . When making the tattoo, it is preferable to have a dry skin surface , so that it takes longer.

Before filling the ink , shake the bottle for a minute. Use half the bottle to an ink medium and a ¾ size . Observe the amount of ink made ​​in order not to drown ink . Use the rest of the ink and then reload.
After completing your ink wait for two hours before use. Tightly close the ink after each use to prevent drying (about 15s) . Keep in a cool, dry place .
Before use clean the skin with a lotion or alcohol . Preferably choose a place where clothes do not rub .
Apply the stone on the foam without pressing too hard to avoid overflow. Then a slight twisting motion to apply the stone on the skin.
For new stones inking a first time for it to be soaked before use
Then decorate your tattoo with liners , rhinestones and sequins ( apply glue before dermal supplied with )
For the glue to dry until transparent and apply a small amount , it remains only to scatter the glitter on the place chosen carefully.
The ultraviolet ink is not visible to the naked eye , it requires an ultra- violet lamp. Preferably keep the stones used with UV ink for this ink.
To erase the tattoo use baby oil or makeup remover . After the shower dab the skin. All our products are for external use . Do not use in the eye area and use by children should be supervised by an adult

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What is the duration of temporary tattoos

The ink of our temporary tattoos (and liners) lasts between 2 and 5 days on the skin.
This time may vary depending on the body area where the temporary tattoo is applied and the type of skin more or less fat on which the tattoo is applied.
Tattooing degrades least the areas of the body that are not in contact with clothing.
The ink perfectly resists water, however the duration of the temporary tattoo will be reduced if you bathe often.

How many tattoos can be done with our ink

With the ink of our temporary tattoos you can achieve up to 50 temporary tattoos if ink is kept in good conditions.
To do remember to close the ink immediately after each use, the ideal is to keep it in a cool, the refrigerator is the most suitable. Do not pour the buffer that the amount required for your implementation.

Our temporary tattoos waterproof ?

Our temporary tattoos are completely resistant to water, so you can swim and take showers with.
However, please remember not to apply soap on the area of ​​your temporary tattoo so that it does not go away.
Pools too clorées can also play on the longevity of your temporary tattoo.
If the temporary tattoo fades, you can repeat at will or just touch up with color liner.

Removing Tattoos

If you want to start your temporary tattoo or permanently delete it you just need to bring a makeup remover and a cotton cloth or cleansing.
Rub the temporary tattoo until complete elimination thereof.
You can if you wish to do another in the same place but from a cleaner to remove any remaining fat (lemon).

Use of the ink

The ink is composed of a plastic housing and an absorbent foam.
Coté is the smooth or stone is applied. Is it 5 different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, White and now that is a transparent UV ink.
Buffer is used for only one color.

Use glitter

After you apply your temporary tattoo you can add glitter colors.
For this, please wait until the ink is dry temporary tattoo on your skin.
Then using the Body Glue (glue) and brushes remove flakes to the desired location.

Use Gift Voucher TatooShop

After purchasing a gift voucher TatooShop you will receive a confirmation email along with a code.
With this code you can order any product on our online store www.TatooShop.fr.
To this add the products to your cart and at checkout simply enter the gift code, the amount will be automatically deducted from the order. If you exceed the amount of the gift certificate you will only pay the difference.

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Is it difficult to make a tattoo yourself?

It is very simple to make temporary tattoos yourself.
For difficult areas like the lower back it is still advisable to seek help.

My ink is dry while I rarely used.

It is very important to close the ink quickly after each use.
If the ink is dry you can add a little alchool 90 ° to moisten or buy a refill.

How to store stones and ink?

Stones tattoo can be stored anywhere for inking it is advisable to keep them in a cool place.

How to Refill the ink the first time?

To recharge the ink the first time, you will need:

Open and remove the ink pad white foam
Pour ¼ recharge the bottom of the ink.
Replace the foam pad in the ink (frayed at the bottom side)
Pour ½ of the recharge on the carpet white foam (smooth side)
Keep the remaining ¼ if your ink is empty or becomes dry.

PS: Do not put any charging of a sudden in the ink that might overflow.

The ink is supplied it with the stone?

Stones and ink are sold separately.
You choose the ink you want (Black, Red, Blue or UV) and models stones tattoo.
The stones are compatible with all colors.
Note that only work with small ink stone sizes S and M.

Can we make custom stone?

Yes, find more information about custom tattoos here.

A problem with your order?

If you have any problems with your order or ask a question, you can contact our customer service 24h/24 completing the contact form (click here to access).
We are committed to providing you with an answer within 24 hours.

Origin Stone Tattoo

Imagine a tattoo ... more real than nature, which can move at will! remove, safe for the skin, and we just repeat in less than a minute. This is possible thanks to temporary tattoos that you can find on our site. These temporary tattoos, refined and elegant are called Tatoo Kenji.Ce are stones tattoos inspired tattoo Tibetan rollers. 4 sizes Kenji tatoo exist: small, medium, large and giant. There are 10 colors: black, red, blue, white, orange, green, yellow, pink, sequin and money that is kept in ink. We can even add glitter gold or silver temporary tattoo. The Kenji tattoo is a temporary tattoo, it resists water and holding time on the skin varies between 2 and 5 days. There are to date more than 250 models tatoo kenji.