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  • Mode d'emploi Tatouages temporaires
  • Mode d'emploi Tatouages temporaires
  • Mode d'emploi Tatouages temporaires

astuce tatouages temporairesGlitters are used on the skin.

Use them to complete your tattoo or use only by creating your design freehand.
Our Body Glue applicator contains a very fine for you to make your custom creation.

  1. Draw the pattern pailleter (Your own designs or follow the outline of the tattoo). 
  2. Use the small brush to apply the glitter on the Body Glue. 
  3. Wait a few seconds for the Body Glue dried and then using the big brush clean the excess glitter.

You can use different colors on your creation using one color after another.
Be creative! The result is amazing!

UV products

Tatouages temporaires UV

Inking, glitter, UV liner is used in the same way as conventional products.

They are invisible during the day and light up at night with the presence of UV lamps. Lamps found in most trendy club.

To prepare your UV tattoos you can get our UV lamps.

Video - Use

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