Stones tattoo

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Our temporary tattoos are carried out in three steps :

  1. Tattoo ink the stone 
  2. Apply to the skin to the desired location 
  3. Then gently remove

All our products are for external use. Do not use in the eye area and use by children should be supervised by an adult.

Use glitters

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The flakes are used on the skin.

  1. Use them to complete your tattoo or use only by creating your design freehand.
  2. Draw the pattern pailleter (Your own designs or follow the outline of the tattoo)
  3. Use a small brush to apply the glitter on the Body Glue.

Wait a few seconds for the Body Glue dried and then using the big brush clean the excess glitter.

Tatoo Spray

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The spray is a cosmetic tattoo ink adapted to be spray applied to a stencil.

It allows a temporary tattoo quickly and easily.

  1. Clean the skin before the completion of the tattoo
  2. Well stick your stencil on the skin by pressing firmly on its surface.
  3. Shake the spray vigorously for twenty seconds, then hold it about 10 inches from the stencil.
  4. Spray the toner evenly towards the stencil
  5. Let dry for about 1 minute before carefully removing the stencil.

Custom Tattoos

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Tatooshop invented the concept of stones custom tattoo.

Create your own stone tattoo through our innovative and unique process. From a simple black and white picture we create a stone tattoo reusable infinite (requires ink).

We use recyclable ecological material to create your stone.

You can choose to enter text with a font of your choice, a logo or your portrait!

We offer 6 different sizes (A - F). ABC sizes come in S and XL ink. DE and F sizes only come in XL ink