Pay by credit card

Paiement par etransaction

Manage your purchases safely with E-Transaction Crédit Agricole one of the largest European bank.

At check your purchase by credit card, we suggest you choose the type of card you want to use: VISA, MasterCard or CB. never has access to banking information of its customers.

Crédit Agricole transmits only the first four and the last two digits of your card, to facilitate the identification of your order.

Your payment is fully protected

Pay by Bank Transfer

Paiement par virement

You can make a transfer to a bank counter or directly from the online service of your bank (if your bank offers this solution).

The bank details are specified at the end of command. (IBAN: European SEPA Credit Transfer Safe)

Your order will be prepared and shipped upon receipt of your payment (usually 2 to 3 days).

Pay by check

Paiement par chèque

You can pay by check (payable to TatooShop).

Please let us simply send your check to the address:

18 chemin Neuf
31100 Toulouse


Your order will be prepared and shipped upon receipt of your check.

Pay with Paypal

Paiement avec Paypal

Pay by credit card via the secure Paypal payment service that you have a Paypal account or not.

This is an ideal solution for payment to allow you to confidently online purchases by credit card.

You communicate your financial information over paying by credit card (when paying with registration)

Your transactions are protected

You can receive your order faster

You are 100% covered against fraudulent use of your PayPal account.